About SwingSmart™

What is SwingSmart?

SwingSmart is a golf swing analyzer system engineered to provide golfers of all levels the opportunity to train like the pros. For the very first time, golfers can get INSTANT, objective feedback on every swing they take. It’s like having your swing coach with you at all times.

Why should I buy SwingSmart instead of other golf analyzers on the market?

SwingSmart is the premium golf swing analyzer system on the market. No other product measures YOUR swing with the same accuracy and consistency as SwingSmart. In an independent evaluation of all swing analyzers on the market, SwingSmart has been named the best product for two years running—and there’s only been two years!

Don’t they all do the same stuff?

Golf swing analyzers are not all created equal. For example, some devices don’t show 3-D. Some don’t even show the club, they just draw a path line. Some can’t show you the face angle of the club. Some don’t work for putting. Some ask you to hold still for several seconds before swinging. Some can’t handle swings that don’t emulate a nice, even pendulum (if you can do that, who needs a swing trainer—hit the tour!). Some even show you their closest approximation to your swing that they can find, so really you are just viewing someone else’s swing . Try SwingSmart for yourself and you’ll see the difference.

Is SwingSmart a launch monitor?

Launch monitors measure the ball and club interaction ONLY at impact. SwingSmart is a golf swing analyzer that captures your club’s position throughout your swing and provides key swing statistics as well as a 3D view of your entire swing motion. SwingSmart also costs a lot less!

Is SwingSmart USGA-approved to use on the golf course?

You cannot use SwingSmart for a round that you are submitting your score for handicap.

Does SwingSmart work for left-handed golfers?

Yes. SwingSmart will automatically sense that you are a lefty. When you enter 3D SwingView™ you will notice the animated golfer becomes a lefty too.

Is SwingSmart waterproof?

No. But SwingSmart is water-resistant and was designed to withstand the elements found on a golf course. SwingSmart, much like your smartphone or Bluetooth headset, is not meant to be used in the rain or submerged in water.

What is my warranty?

SwingSmart can be returned for a full refund by the end-user customer who purchased from it Swingsmart.com within 30 days of purchase . If you purchased SwingSmart from a retail distributor, you must return it to the place of purchase in order to get a refund, subject to the retailer’s return policies.

The warranty for the end-user customer also covers one year of parts and labor. The full warranty is included in the “Product Information Guide” included with SwingSmart and available for viewing on our website, www.SwingSmart.com. That said, please contact us at support@SwingSmart.com before you return your SwingSmart. We’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your purchase and will quickly get in contact with you to get things straightened out. SwingSmart is THE premium swing analyzer available, and we support it with premium service.

SwingSmart Technology

What’s the technology that makes SwingSmart work?

SwingSmart uses advanced avionic chips that translate your movements into positional data about your golf club throughout your swing.

The data is transmitted wirelessly from SwingSmart via Bluetooth to your iPad, iPhone or Android device. We designed our own Bluetooth radio from the ground up to ensure a better and faster connection that can withstand the rigorous golf environment.

Getting Started with Your SwingSmart

How do I turn on my SwingSmart?

Press and hold the button on the side of SwingSmart until the light comes on (about one second). It will light up green while it looks for an Android or iOS device that it’s paired with, and then, once connected, it will blink briefly every few seconds so you know it’s on.

How do I turn off my SwingSmart?

Just press and hold the button on the side of SwingSmart until the light goes off (about two seconds). If you forget to turn it off, it will shut off by itself after about 45 min in order to save battery power.

How does SwingSmart attach to a golf club?

SwingSmart attaches to the club using our patent pending two-piece adapter plate and sensor module system. The adapter plate and sensor module should be attached approximately ¼” from the bottom of the grip. When the leading edge of the club head is flat to the ground, the position of the adapter plate and sensor module should be directly underneath the club shaft. It doesn’t matter if the LED is pointing up or down, it will work both ways. Wrap the strap around the golf shaft and secure it on the hook on the opposite side of the adapter plate. After the adapter plate is secured, slide the sensor module onto the adapter plate. You should hear and feel a “click” when the sensor module is fully engaged with the adapter plate. Swing away! Please remember if you need to adjust the adapter plate, remove the adapter plate rubber strap and reposition it to its correct position. Please don’t twist the adapter plate once it’s attached to the club, since that may loosen the special grip material used to hold it in place.

Which direction should the module face: with the LED pointing up or down?

It doesn’t matter to us! Most people have the LED pointed upwards so they can glance at it easily to check the battery level, but SwingSmart works just the same in either orientation.

How important is it that the module hangs underneath the club shaft?

SwingSmart uses very advanced swing detection algorithms to detect many aspects of your golf swing, including the start of your swing. We try to make sure that false movements do not trigger the SwingSmart so we rely on measuring the movement knowing that the module is hanging underneath and pointed directly to the ground. Once you have the adapter plate oriented properly on your clubs, you can just move the module back and forth to the club you’re using and not mess with it again. Please remember if you need to adjust the adapter plate, remove the adapter plate rubber strap and reposition it to its correct position. Please don’t twist the adapter plate once it’s attached to the club, since that may loosen the special grip material used to hold it in place.

Additional adapter plates can be bought here.

I like to turn my club face open or closed when I address the ball even before I start my backswing; will SwingSmart still work?

You will notice that when you turn your club face open or closed, SwingSmart is no longer hanging directly underneath the club shaft, but instead is pointing sideways. To ensure that the SwingSmart will be in the optimum position for swing capture, reposition SwingSmart so it hangs underneath the shaft and is pointed directly down to the ground. Please remember if you need to adjust the adapter plate, remove the adapter plate rubber strap and reposition it to its correct position. Please don’t twist the adapter plate once it’s attached to the club, since that may loosen the special grip material used to hold it in place.

Do I have to calibrate SwingSmart?

No, that would be a pain! SwingSmart automatically calibrates itself to its position.

I hit the ground pretty hard with one of my swings, and SwingSmart twisted on the shaft. What should I do?

We’ve all had some bad shots we wish we could take back! SwingSmart was designed to handle most every type of swing. However, if an impact caused the module to twist from its original position, remove the adapter plate rubber strap, and reposition it to its correct position. Please don’t twist the adapter plate once it’s attached to the club, since that may loosen the special grip material used to hold it in place.

SwingSmart Battery and Charging

How long will the battery last between charges?

Depending on how many swings you take during a round, we expect SwingSmart to remain charged for over one full round of golf or several practice sessions.

What is the lifespan of the battery?

The battery used in SwingSmart is the same quality and design as those used in Cellular headsets. It will last for many years of service.

Can I replace my battery?

No. The rechargeable lithium polymer battery is not serviceable by the customer, but you will likely never have to worry about this due to the lifespan of the battery.

How long does it take to charge my SwingSmart? What do the blinking lights mean?

The initial charge could take up to 90 minutes. After the initial charge, subsequent charges should take about an hour. The LED will tell you where it is in the charge cycle:

Blinking Amber = 1/4 tank full | Solid Amber = 1/2 tank full | Blinking Green = 3/4 tank full | Solid Green = Completely full

You can take your SwingSmart off the charger anytime you like and continue to use it; you don’t have to wait until it’s fully charged. If you happen to keep using your SwingSmart until the battery becomes empty, it will just shutdown and wait for you to charge it—no harm done!

I left my SwingSmart plugged into my computer over night but it didn’t charge. Is it broken?

Nope! It’s much more likely that your computer “went to sleep” and in sleep mode most computers don’t charge devices that are plugged into them. One way you can confirm this is to look at the light on SwingSmart when your computer goes to sleep. If the light goes out on SwingSmart, it indicates the computer has stopped charging it.

Will it hurt my SwingSmart if I charge it for long periods of time like overnight?

No worries. When it’s plugged in, your SwingSmart completely charges the battery, indicated by the light being “solid” green, and then continues to trickle charge the battery if it needs it as long as SwingSmart is plugged in.

What happens if I forget to shut-off my SwingSmart?

Don’t worry – we made your SwingSmart cool enough to shut itself off if you haven’t taken any swings in 45 minutes.

Bluetooth & SwingSmart

How does SwingSmart communicate with my smartphone or tablet?

Your SwingSmart connects to your smartphone exactly the same way a Bluetooth cellular headset does. First, make sure SwingSmart is fully charged and turned ON. Find the SETTINGS icon on your smartphone or tablet and tap it to enter. Then tap the Bluetooth section. Make sure the Bluetooth slider is turned ON. Once the Bluetooth is ON, you should see a list of the Bluetooth devices that are in range of your smartphone or tablet. Next, follow the instructions for your particular device.

Apple: You will notice that SwingSmart is listed as a device and it is “Not Paired.” Tap on the SWINGSMART area and your smartphone or tablet will initiate the pairing with SwingSmart. After it is completed, the status will change to “Connected” on the Device list. Every subsequent time you go to connect your SwingSmart to that device, you’ll see the SwingSmart device in the Bluetooth menu go from “Not Connected” to “Connected” automatically when you turn on your module.

Android: You will notice that SwingSmart is listed as an available device. Tap on the SWINGSMART area and your smartphone or tablet will initiate the pairing with the SwingSmart. After it is completed, the status will change to “Paired” in the Device list.

What’s the difference between pairing and connecting?

Every time your smartphone has its first “meeting” with a new Bluetooth device (like a wireless headset, keyboard, or SwingSmart) it needs to have an initial “introduction” (called pairing) where the devices exchange their “phone numbers.” From then on, the devices are considered to be in a “relationship” (paired). Every time you turn your Bluetooth device OFF, the “relationship” gets put on hold (not connected). If you turn it back on, however, since the devices were already introduced once, they know each other so they can just start talking (connected) right away.

If for some reason (you moved the devices too far away from each other or you shut-off the Bluetooth on your smartphone, for example) the two devices have a temporary “break-up” and you need to help them smooth things over, just encourage them to start talking again by tapping the SwingSmart name on the smartphone Bluetooth menu—this will get them agreeing with each other again.

If we ever want to terminate the relationship between the devices (sadly, sometimes relationships just don’t work out), you can force your smartphone or tablet to “forget” their former partner. Please follow the instructions for your device below:

Apple: In the same Bluetooth menu on your device, tap the little blue arrow on the SwingSmart name and then tell it to “Forget this Device.” (Fair warning: that little blue arrow is crazy hard to hit if you’ve had any coffee!! If you miss and the spinning wheel starts, just wait until it’s done and then try again with a steadier hand).

Android: In the same Bluetooth menu on your device, tap the icon next to the SwingSmart name and then tell it to “Forget this Device.”

The good news is that, although the two devices are no longer in a relationship, they can reconcile anytime you want them to by pairing again. Don’t you love happy endings?

Can I connect two SwingSmarts to my phone or tablet at the same time?

Not yet. If that is something you’d like to be able to do, please drop us an email and say so.

Why does the Bluetooth connection go from connected to disconnected to connected when I first pair?

We like to test the Bluetooth connection before we leave the pairing mode, so we bounce back and forth one time to ensure that a strong connection is established with your phone, pad, or tablet. Isn’t that cool?

I can’t seem to get my SwingSmart connected with my device. What do I do?

Don’t panic—you’re not alone! Connecting a Bluetooth device can sometimes take a few attempts. First, follow the video tutorial that’s available on your SwingSmart App by tapping the SwingSmart logo in the center of the home screen. If that doesn’t work, sometimes the device may need to have its Bluetooth function powered off and back on. Just go to the “Settings” menu and then “Bluetooth.” Slide the Bluetooth switch to “Off,” wait a few seconds, and then slide it back to “On.” Then, turn your SwingSmart off (by pressing and holding the button until the light goes off) and then back on (by pressing the button again until the light comes on). After a bit, you should see your SwingSmart as an available device. If that still doesn’t work, try powering down your device by following the steps below:

Apple: Press and hold the power button on the top of the Apple device until the “slide to power off” prompt appears, and then slide the prompt. Then, power up your Apple device and try pairing again with your SwingSmart.

Android: Press and hold the power button for approximately five seconds. The device will reset. Then, try pairing again with your SwingSmart.

If all this fails, send us an email at support@SwingSmart.com and we’ll be happy to help!

My SwingSmart won’t pair with my smartphone while I’m charging SwingSmart. Is it broken?

Nope. To be sure your SwingSmart charges in the shortest time possible, it temporarily ignores your smartphone (don’t take it personally!). However, as soon as you’re done charging SwingSmart, just turn it back on and it will reconnect with your smartphone.

My SwingSmart seems to be acting strangely. What should I do?

No worries! First, does it need to be charged? Try plugging it into your computer or an AC-to-USB converter and charge it up. If that doesn’t work, check to be sure everything is OK with your device. Is Bluetooth mode ON and is the device paired? If all else fails, we suggest you power down your device and then turn it back on. Sometimes we’ve seen Apple and Android devices “hang-up” and need to be restarted.

I was using my SwingSmart, but I got too far away from my device and it disconnected. What do I do?

Just reconnect the device with your SwingSmart through the device’s Bluetooth menu. You can use the SwingSmart video tutorial in the App to help walk you through it or the explanation included in these FAQ’s.

The SwingSmart App

How easy is the SwingSmart FREE app to use?

The app was designed with large, clear buttons and simple options that make it very user friendly.

On the HOME screen, you can choose Training Mode or Swing Mode. Use Training Mode when you wish to practice your swing without striking a ball. Use Swing Mode when practicing with a ball.

Once you select your mode, you will:

  • Select your club, so that SwingSmart can log data based on the specific club chosen.
  • SWING your club.
  • SEE the key golf swing metrics clearly and simply displayed for you.
  • If the results were great, press SAVE AS BEST.
  • SWING your club. Press COMPARE to compare that swing to your BEST swing for that club.
  • Press 3D Swing View to see your entire swing motion.

Is there a membership fee or annual fee with SwingSmart?

Never! There are no membership fees or yearly dues. The updates will always be free and come automatically to your smartphone or tablet.

What is the difference between Training Mode and Swing Mode?

SwingSmart has the unique ability to allow you to work on your swing whether you are hitting golf balls or not hitting golf balls. In Swing Mode, SwingSmart requires you to hit a ball. In Training Mode, YOU DO NOT have to hit a ball. Just set up in your normal stance and golf position, take a swing and the SwingSmart will capture the data and allow you to see your result. Peter Kostis recommended the development of Training Mode because it allows golfers to feel the golf motion without the pressure of moving the ball perfectly down the fairway or range. So, you can practice indoors or in areas where space is limited.

How can I tell when the app is ready for me to take a swing?

Please follow this process to ensure the app is ready to capture your swing. First, select Swing Mode if you are hitting a ball or Training Mode if you are not hitting a ball. Next, ensure the selected club is correct. Then, verify SwingSmart is “listening” for swings, which is indicated by the blinking blue ring around the golf ball in the upper right corner of the app. Finally, make sure that you address the golf ball as you normally would before starting the backswing.

Why does the golfer disappear when I replay my golf swing?

SwingSmart attaches to your club and measures only the motion of your golf club—not the motion of the golfer. We included the 3D animated golfer in the graphics to make it easy for you to see the perspective you are viewing from (while in the 3D Swing View part of the SwingSmart app).

How do I save my “Best Swing”?

A simple touch of the Marking Button will save your current swing as your Best Swing. Additionally, you can touch the Marking Button to mark your current swing as either a Slice or Hook or other preset swing result. If you’d like to note some other characteristic of your most recent swing you can customize your comments by selecting Custom Annotate.

Can I save a “Best Swing” for each club in the bag?

Yes. SwingSmart lets you save “your Best Swing” for every club in your bag. Additionally, you can annotate any swing you take (i.e., hook, slice, new grip, flop shot, etc.). Finally, you can take any swing in your swing log and email it to anybody you choose. If they have the free SwingSmart™ app on their smartphone or tablet, they will be able to view your swing just as if they were there with you.

When I’m looking at a swing log, do I need to go back to the log to see my next swing?

Nope! Just swipe your finger across the screen left to right to view the previous swing and right to left to view the swing which follows in the log.

How can I get back to the page with all the App icons on my device when I’m in the SwingSmart app?

No problem! You can exit the SwingSmart app and return to your “home” page by pressing the round button at the bottom front of your Apple device or the home icon at the bottom of your Android device.

Why does one club in my bag look like a ghost?

The ghosted club is the one you have chosen to add, customize, or delete in the “My Bag” selection in the home screen.

What happens if I change clubs in my bag? Will I lose all my saved swings for the clubs that no longer are in my bag?

Because all data required by SwingSmart to analyze your swing is stored in the swing log itself, no swing logs will be affected by club deletion.

Do I need to customize the clubs in my bag?

No. If your golf clubs are standard length and haven’t been bent to adjust the loft or lie measurement, our default numbers will work for you.

How will I know if there are software updates?

The software updates will come right to your smartphone or tablet just like every other App on your device. To update the App for Apple devices, all you have to do is touch the App Store icon on your smartphone or tablet, enter your iTunes account password, and then touch update next to the SwingSmart Logo. To update the app for Android devices, touch the Play Store icon and select My Apps from the action menu. The list entry for SwingSmart will indicate if an update is available.

Viewing your Golf Swing

What do the different color lines mean in 3D SwingView™?

The blue line is your backswing and the red line is your downswing.

What does “over the top” refer to with a golf swing?

Many golfers lunge at the ball and the club goes “over the top.” For the best results, however, your downswing should be on the same plane as your backswing. The 3D SwingView on SwingSmart Golf Trainer shows whether your swing is on the same plane, under the plane, or over the top. SwingSmart also includes an in-app video from Peter Kostis discussing an over-the-top swing and ways to fix it.

Peter Kostis & SwingSmart

Peter Kostis has taught golfers of all levels, from beginners to pro players and he understands the important information you need to get better. His input throughout the development of SwingSmart has ensured that you will get this important information on every swing you take with SwingSmart.

What is your best swing? Our spokesman and PGA instructor Peter Kostis believes that “there is not one swing for everybody, but everybody needs to develop one swing”. We realize, however, that golfers need a good starting point, so we provide you with in-App instructional videos and guidelines featuring Peter Kostis. The videos and guidelines are a great first step for helping you find and develop “Your Best Swing.” We’ll also be providing periodic new video tips from Peter and others on how you can use the information from your SwingSmart to help your game. Watch for the App updates, as well as our Web site: www.SwingSmart.com.

Android & iOS

If I already own SwingSmart, can I just keep the same equipment, download the Android App, and connect with an Android device?

No. The original SwingSmart was designed to work with the Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad (iOS). The new SwingSmart Duo works with both Android OS and iOS devices. The Duo also introduces our proprietary HiQTM technology, which even further improves that accuracy of your swing capture.

What version of SwingSmart works for Android devices?

The new SwingSmart Duo works for both Android and iOS devices.

Do the sensor modules for the iOS only and the iOS/Android products look the same? Are there any external differentiating features?

The modules look exactly the same because they are identical on the outside.

When I turn on the module, how can I tell if the module I have is Android compatible?

The iOS/Android compatible sensor module is the new SwingSmart Duo. So when you turn it on and go to the Bluetooth section of your mobile device, you will see the name “SwingSmart Duo” in the device list.

How do I pair my SwingSmart Duo sensor module?

On your Apple device, the SwingSmart Duo is paired the exact same way as the original SwingSmart. For Android, find the Settings icon on your Android device. Then enter the Bluetooth section and make sure it is on.

Will the adapter plates that attach the sensor module to the club work for both the iOS (SwingSmart) and the iOS/Android (SwingSmart Duo) sensor modules?

Yes, because the sensor modules are exactly the same for the SwingSmart and the SwingSmart Duo, the adapter plates will fit both modules.

What Android operating system versions do you support?

The SwingSmart Duo works for the current version (now KitKat) back to version 2.3.6 (Gingerbread).

If I buy a SwingSmart Duo can I have it paired to my iPhone and my Android tablet at the same time?

While this sounds like it may be fun, the current Bluetooth technology doesn’t permit this mode of operation. If your goal is to share a swing with your golf partner, however, you can email it to him or her.

I’m switching from an iPhone to an Android phone. How can I move my saved swings to my Android phone?

Currently the only means of syncing swings between supported devices is email.

Can I email swings I take with my Android phone to my friend with an iPhone? How about sending them in the other direction?

Yes, swings taken with any SwingSmart Duo (or any original SwingSmart) can be emailed to anyone with an iOS device or Android device running the new SwingSmart Duo App.

I just got my SwingSmart Duo and paired it with my iPhone. However it won’t pair with my Android device. What’s wrong?

Your SwingSmart Duo is likely still paired with your iPhone. Before you can pair it with your Android device, you first need to “unpair” it from your iPhone. Go to Settings and then tap on “Bluetooth.” Tap the little blue arrow on the SwingSmart name and then tell it to “Forget this Device.” Then pair it with your Android device.

I just got my SwingSmart Duo and paired it with my Android device. However it won’t pair with my Apple device. What’s wrong?

Your SwingSmart can only be paired with one device at a time. Before you can pair it with your Apple device, you first need to “unpair” it from your Android device. Tap on “Settings” and then go to the BlueTooth menu on your device. Then, tap the icon next to the SwingSmart name and then tell it to “Forget this Device.” Then pair it with your Apple device.

How do I unpair my SwingSmart Duo from my Android phone?

Tap on “Settings” and then go to the BlueTooth menu on your device. Then, tap the icon next to the SwingSmart name and then tell it to “Forget this Device.”

Can I have two SwingSmart Duos connected to one iPhone at the same time? No, only one SwingSmart can be connected to a single iPhone at any given time.

Can I have two SwingSmart Duos connected to one Android phone at the same time? No, only one SwingSmart can be connected to a single Android device at any given time.

Trouble Shooting

My SwingSmart doesn’t seem to recognize some of my swings. Is it broken?

Please try all recommendations listed below. If they don’t help, please contact us at support@SwingSmart.com and we’ll help you right away. The short tutorial videos really help, too.

  • Verify that SwingSmart is “listening” for your swings, which is indicated by the blinking blue ring around the golf ball in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Select swing mode on the home page if you are hitting a ball; otherwise select training mode.
  • Make sure that you address the golf ball as you normally would before starting the backswing.
  • Double-check that the club face is addressing the ball squarely and that you’re starting your swing from this proper position.
  • Check that you’ve selected the proper club.
  • Check that the module is attached in the proper orientation – refer to the tutorial for the correct placement.


Can I buy more adapter plates?

Your SwingSmart comes with two adapter plates. You can purchase additional adapter plates in packs of two, for the ease of having an adapter plate pre-installed on several clubs. That way, you can just slide SwingSmart out of the clip on one club and onto the clip on another club. They can be purchased here.

Protected under one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 8,589,114; 8,831,905 and other U.S. patents pending.