Key Measures of an Effective Swing

You don’t improve a golf swing overnight. Or do you? SwingSmart Golf Analyzer INSTANTLY transmits vital measures of your golf swing mechanics to your iPhone/iPad or Android device so you can start implementing changes on the next hole.


Swing tempo is the ratio of your total backswing time compared to your downswing time to impact. Many PGA TOUR stars have very close to a 3:1 ratio in their full swings. This means their backswing takes 3 times as long as their downswing.

Swing Speed

Swing speed refers to the club speed at impact. The higher the swing speed, the further you’ll hit the ball (assuming you’ve hit your shot squarely on the sweet spot). SwingSmart displays your swing speed at every point throughout your swing.

Face Angle & Club Path

The face angle refers to the position of the clubface, at impact, and throughout your swing. The club path is the 2D projection of your club’s horizontal movement. The SwingSmart can tell you the angle of your clubface at impact compared to its position at the start of your swing. It can also tell you the clubface angle relative to your club path direction, plus it can give you your club path direction number by itself. The face angle, together with your club path, ultimately dictates the spin and direction of the ball.

Shaft Lean

Shaft lean is measured by the position of your hands in relation to the club head at impact. When your hands lead and the club head trails, the club shaft naturally leans slightly forward. This is called “lag.” Generating this proper “lag” in your downswing creates a natural forward shaft lean which helps you compress the ball for stronger and more solid contact. When the club head gets in front of your hands at impact, the shaft leans slightly backwards. This is called “flipping” and with irons, generates inconsistent contact and less power than a proper “lag” position throughout your downswing.

Angle of Attack

The Angle of attack is how your club head comes into the ball as you would look at the impact from face on. If you are catching it at the very bottom of the arc, it would be a zero degree angle of attack; if you are catching it before the bottom it is a negative angle of attack; or if you catch it after that lowest point of the arc it would be a positive angle of attack.

Backswing Angle

The Backswing Angle is how far back your club rotates during your backswing, relative to your position at address. So, a 270 degree backswing angle means the club is at the 3 o’clock position when the backswing ends and you are beginning the downswing. This is an excellent stat to monitor as you work on your chipping game. The Clockface Drill on the latest SwingSmart App release lets you set a specific backswing angle and try to hit it. It’s harder than you think – give it a try!!

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