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Time to take your game indoors

Posted on December 6, 2014 by NewSpin Golf Team

Tiger Woods is working on another iteration of his swing with new swing “consultant”, Chris Como.  Unfortunately for Tiger, he has to step out and test his “new” swing against the best players in the world.  For most of us, we just have to test our swing changes with our regular foursome.  But even though golf isn’t our livelihood, we still want to make sure that when we make changes, we can still play the game.


That’s why the golf off-season is a great time to start working on your swing.  You can start to work on the shortcomings that you dealt with during the year without having to lose to your friends in the process.  So grab your favorite club and start fixing some of the leaks.


Training Mode on the SwingSmart App is a great place to start.  Start out with some swings to see where you are now and then try to work on the changes you would like to make.   It can make a big difference in your game for next year and unlike Tiger, you won’t even have to borrow a VCR to start getting some feedback on your swing.