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Tee time!!

Posted on May 23, 2014 by NewSpin Golf Team

Well. It’s finally, finally here. It’s Golf Season, our favorite time of the year. All the

swing thoughts, all the fixes you have been planning, it’s now time to give them a

spin and see where you stand. It is the ultimate test of “feel versus real”.

We often talk about “feel versus real” in golf and hear many times that what we

feel is not happening in real life. That’s not really true. Trust me, that super steep

backswing or fast takeaway is really happening. It is definitely real. The problem

is that without feedback on the position and movement of your golf club, there’s

no way to be able to synch real (club position) with the feeling that you are going

through at that moment. So although we definitely “feel”, because we don’t have

access to the “real”, it is brutally difficult to be able to synch them up.

So how do we achieve this feedback? I’m glad you ask because that is exactly

what we are trying to accomplish with SwingSmart. SwingSmart gives you instant

feedback on the position of your golf club. By allowing you to start matching up

your thoughts about your club position with the reality of that position, SwingSmart

gives you the information to make feel and real match.

Once feel and real start matching up, you are on your way to a better golf game. To

help you, we built a really fun drill into our new iPad App for working on matching

up “feel versus real” in your backswing. It is called the Face-of-the-Clock drill and it

will do wonders for your game. Try it out and let us know what you think.

All the Best,

The New Spin Sports Team.