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Posted on January 30, 2014 by NewSpin Golf Team

In the last month, we’ve been really lucky to have been travelling and giving Golf Demos from east to west.  Our latest travels have taken us from Augusta, Georgia to Sacramento, California.  It started with the unbelievable sights of Augusta National in early April for a trip to the Masters.  The colors alone at Augusta National are worth the price of admission but throw in the rolling terrain, the impeccable condition, and the great golf on display and you can understand why it is a “must see” for every golfer.

The first thing that strikes you as a golfer when you see the holes at Augusta National is how many elevation changes there are on the course.  The whole team was impressed and it gave me an idea.  I thought it would be great to use the SwingSmart to practice shots from uneven lies to build a library of swing models. I’m always curious to see how stats and my swing shape changes (or doesn’t change) in relation to the terrain I am playing.  Just a thought, but next time you are practicing with your SwingSmart, try some shots from some different lies and see how it compares to your swing on level ground.

From the pinnacle of private courses, we then travelled to Haggin Oaks, a phenomenal public course and facility in Sacramento, California.   It features one of the largest and most well run pro shops in the country.  We were so happy to be part of their 38th Annual Golf Expo again this year.  Though the golfers had widely disparate skill levels, they all share an amazing passion for the game.   It never ceases to amaze us how much people love to play this great game.

We put the SwingSmart on putters, wedges, drivers, and every club in between to give people a chance to see their golf swing.  For many of them, it was the first time they saw their swings in 3D.  They understood the easy to read graphics right away and really got a kick out of learning about their swings.

The golf season is in full swing pretty much everywhere in the country so get out and play a few rounds and we look forward to our next chance to show off the SwingSmart to another great group of golfers.


All The Best,

The NewSpin Golf Team.