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Swing Smart Golf Analyzer: Share Your Story

Posted on January 30, 2014 by NewSpin Golf Team

Welcome to the new blog for the SwingSmart Golf Analyzer — where you’ll find news on the latest SwingSmart features, how to get the most from your SwingSmart golf analyzer, and more.

SwingSmart Mobile Golf Swing Analyzer

We also want to stay in touch with you — and hear your SwingSmart story.  We get to talk with so many great people who are interested in the SwingSmart, and we really like to share the comments, feedback, and stories that they share with us.

Speaking of stories, the SwingSmart story is basically this:

The original idea for the SwingSmart Golf Analyzer started back in 2006 as asimple, small, and cool way to get feedback on our golf swings.  What brought it to life was our team working together to take an idea and make it into a real life product.  We also have a great group of guys that have believed in our product from the beginning and helped us build the structure for our company, New Spin Golf.  All of us share the commitment to make an exceptional training device that will help golfers with their golf game.

We started New Spin Golf in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and continue to do all the engineering, design, and assembly for the SwingSmart golf analyzer in the United States.  We’ve created a very unique product that sets itself apart from all the rest because we always looked to build the SwingSmart with a “Golfer First Attitude”.    


We are Golfers, First

How does that translate into a unique product?

We know that any technology that INTERFERES with the way you practice and play the game of golf actually doesn’t help you –because it changes your normal routine.

To define our “Golfer First Attitude”, we flipped the usual approach of “technology first” on its head. We said,

“Here’s the way we practice, here’s the way we play, now let’s go make a product that will allow us to do that”.

So that’s what we did.

All the Best,

The SwingSmart Team

P.S. What’s your SwingSmart story?  What have you noticed about your golf swing after using SwingSmart golf analyzer?