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Summer is Passing

Posted on January 30, 2014 by NewSpin Golf Team

The summer is quickly passing by.  Are you getting better?  I hope so.

 (Insert subliminal thought here: “Work on your putting”)

The desire to get better at this great game of golf gets us up in the morning to play and keeps us up at night watching Hogan videos on YouTube late into the evening. It’s probably strong evidence that I am hooked on golf because I can’t imagine anything more fun.  Scary.

Being hooked on golf isn’t the worst thing in the world but it certainly can impact your ability to pursue anything else.  I was hitting a few baseballs with the nieces and nephews, and to my surprise, I was holding the baseball bat with a Vardon grip.  Scary.

But I digress.  While I was at the John Deere Classic, I had the opportunity to talk with one of the young guys on Tour who has been playing since he was a kid.  I first saw him tee it up when he was a top high school player and he was invited to the Byron Nelson.

Now, we were out on the range hanging out and discussing his inaugural year on the PGA Tour.  He talked about the trials and tribulations of his first year, along with what a kick it was to be out on Tour.  Then he told me all about the FedEx points that he had accumulated but would not count unless he got it done and won in one of his few remaining starts.  I thought it was a pretty mature viewpoint from a 19 year-old.  Then, as any of us that follow golf know, he went out and won the John Deere Classic.  The young guy that I had a chance to speak with was Jordan Spieth.  I could not be happier for him and for the game.  If these are the types of solid kids that are coming up in the golf ranks, then golf is going to enjoy quite a bright future.

By the way, we had him hit some shots with the SwingSmart.  Scary… Good.

Have a great rest of summer.

All the Best,

The NewSpin Team.