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Peter Kostis and the SwingSmart

Posted on January 30, 2014 by NewSpin Golf Team

Many people ask about how Peter Kostis became involved with the SwingSmart.  It was pretty simple really.  We just went out to Arizona and talked to him about what we were planning and he thought it was fantastic and wanted to be part of it.

 All right, it wasn’t quite that easy.  Let’s face it; we were regular golfers talking to one of the most well-known golf analysts and respected golf teachers in the country and we wanted him to be part of a new technology that nobody had really seen before. So we were a bit nervous.  He made it quite clear from the outset that he doesn’t put his name on anything unless he sees the value that it can bring to golf instruction.  Period. 

Peter saw the value of the SwingSmart right away and quite frankly, after that, he started telling us how “we” could make the SwingSmart an incredible tool for helping people with their golf swing.  Once he started saying “we”, we knew that Peter was going to be part of the team and he really has been.  From the minute he joined us, Peter has been such an integral part in helping us define the key information that golfers need in the SwingSmart App.  We are going to continue to rollout Peter’s video tips and you will also be getting Peter’s demo swings built right into the App for you to use when you want to compare them to your own or just see how he swings the golf club.

One more quick story;

During the filming of the SwingSmart commercials at the Merit Club in Libertyville, IL, we had a classic moment.  We were filming by the 18th tee box and a twosome came around to play the hole.  Peter took a break from filming to allow the golfers to tee off.   The first man on the tee didn’t notice at first, but then turned around and saw that the “guy “under the lights was in fact, Peter Kostis.  He said, “C’mon this is unfair.  I have to tee off in front of the guy who does all the SwingVision analysis.  He is going to rip my swing”.  To his credit, the guy hit a safe drive while all of us were cracking up (and probably very grateful that Peter wasn’t analyzing our swings).

All the Best,

The SwingSmart Team