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Get ready to have some fun!!

Posted on April 7, 2014 by NewSpin Golf Team

It’s time to bring some fun into your practice sessions.  SwingSmart has a whole new App coming out in early April that is going to add Signature drills and games to help you play better golf, while having fun learning.


Think back to the way we all started playing golf.  Golf wasn’t always about playing 18 holes; it was about playing games with your friends or even by yourself, which challenged you to hit a golf ball into and at various targets.  The games ranged from how close you could put a ball to your house, or maybe the neighbor’s window, or maybe even hitting (Sorry) the guy in the range picker. We weren’t thinking analytically, we just wanted to put the ball where we aimed it.


The beauty of these games was that even though you weren’t thinking about it, you were definitely getting better at golf.  That is the concept behind our Signature drills and games.  Along with Peter Kostis, we have identified the building blocks necessary for good putting, short game, and the full swing.  Then we built virtual games and drills around a specific building block.  During the game, you can compete for a high score for yourself or even play against the rest of your foursome.  We promise we won’t razz you too much if you miss a shot!


We have made the game format very straightforward so you can just pick up a club and start playing.  If you want to look at the numbers or the 3D look of your swing, it still is right at your fingertips.  So let’s have some fun, learn some golf, and see if we can make some points.